Story Time: Lindsay

Lindsay’s Version
Sean’s Version

Lindsay: How We Met

This is always a funny story to tell because we met while I was still working as an engineer at WaveGroup, and he came in as an intern. I remember working in one of the mixing rooms, and my coworker was giving him the “grand tour” before being interviewed for the intern position. He came in dressed as sharp as knife, big smile on his face, shiny bald head, and the only thing I could think of while I shook his hand was “damn, this guy is ridiculously cute and super buff.”


During his short 3-month tenure at WaveGroup, we interacted maybe a total of 4, 5 times max. Near the end of his internship, he was leaving the studio with a gym bag and I remember asking where he was going. He told me that he was an avid indoor rock climber, and that he religiously climbed at the gym directly across the street from the studio. I immediately thought that was awesome and asked him all sorts of questions, because at this time in my life I had never been rock climbing and always wanted to go.


As a “thank you” to the studio, he treated us all to a night out on the rock wall. We went, and as I expected I was completely hooked. After this night we continued to climb once a week. We immediately found a common interest in music and our personalities clicked. Once a week turned into twice a week, and shortly after that twice a week turned into getting dinner every night, and well, the rest is history.

Lindsay: Engagement

If there is one thing you should know about Sean, if you don’t already know, is that he always takes things one step further, and then keeps going for 10 miles, then decides to go the extra 5 just in case. He likes to put in 210% percent (no that is not a typo, I really do mean two hundred and ten percent), all or nothing, go big or go home. Just ask me about the 16 part Geocache he planned for my 24th birthday, I dare you.


Anyways, knowing this about Sean, I knew we were going to get married a couple of years into our relationship, there was no doubt in my mind that he was the one for me. I mean come on, he’s my trophy! I for some reason feared how he was going to propose to me, because I was expecting a flash mob proposal at the top of the ski lift or somehow proposing to me on stage at our favorite bands concert. Seriously, I would not put it past him to execute something of this caliber.


It was December 7th, 2012. I had worked 14 hours, somehow managed to not eat lunch and still went on a run to “decompress” after work. We had plans to get dinner that night. I get home in a daze – tired and starving, I opt to not shower (I know, I’m such a classy girl) so we can get to food as soon as possible. As we’re on our way out, Sean stops me at our back door and hugs me. He kisses me and says “You know today is the 4 year anniversary of our first date?”


The tone of his voice immediately puts me on alert. He continues with telling me that 4 years ago that day I changed his life forever, and that he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life and it keeps getting better. At this point in the conversation red flags are going off in my head, I know what he’s getting at (especially since I could feel him fiddling with the ring box behind my back while he was hugging me) but I decide to keep my mouth shut and let him do his thing.


Sure enough he gets down on one knee and asks me the big question. My immediate response is “Are you serious?! Are you crazy?!… Yes!”


I have to say this was the perfect moment for him to propose. He caught me completely off guard, I was in shock, and the moment could not have been any more perfect.