Since Music is such a big part of our lives, we thought we’d share some of the songs we enjoy! These songs are special to us because we’ve selected them to play during our big day!


The playlists are listed in the order they will appear at our wedding, so if you feel like previewing the event or want to relive it later, you can!


Weddingfest 2013 Playlists – Spotify
1. Processional – or Spotify URI

2. Cocktail Hour – or Spotify URI

3. Wedding Party Walk Out Songs – or Spotify URI

4. Dinner – or Spotify URI

5. First Dance – or Spotify URI

6. Dance Party! – or Spotify URI


One of our favorite things to do this past month is put the Cocktail Hour and Dinner Playlists and shuffle while we do just about anything, so we suggest trying the same :)